Digital Boy + Shark: Spirit of ’91 Mix

I was 5 years old in 1991. My spirit involved baseball, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and picking my nose. However, others had a different kind of spirit. Their spirit involved smashing teenage mutant ninja turtles with baseball bats and breaking their noses. Who is this they of which I speak? Digital Boy + Shark. They just dropped their Spirit of ’91 Mix through Discobelle, and it is HEAVY. This is not music to lay in a field of daffodils while sipping Chardonnay. This is music to fight your grandmother, with knives, while balancing on a barbed wire, over a pit of piranhas who were just cut off in traffic. Rave steez, a lot of which I didn’t know nothing about until I heard this mix.

Discobelle Mixin It Up: Digital Boy + Shark – Spirit of ‘91 mix (direct link)

Here’s their own explanation of the mix:

“This is the debut mix from Italian duo Digital Boy + Shark. 40 minutes of cut throat mixes and edits to be reckoned with that play out like a freight train destroying everything in it’s past. The lines between time are blurred by hyper speed and heavy bass creating a time space continuum from which there is no escape! Featuring the dance floor smasher “Gangster Rave”, the anthem “No One Can Stop Us” and their soon to be released remix of Congorock’s “Babylon”, this is more than an introduction… It’s a warning!”

More info on their page:

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