One thought on “Re-Up: MY TRAKTOR Z2 ROUTINE

  1. Hey Shiftee, nice routine! How were you able to use the Maschine in midi mode along side the Z2? I have created map for Maschine to use with the Z2 which I basically copied midi notes from the Z2 to the Maschine so they have similar functionality , But it seems like Trakotr only wants to look at one controller. Basically Traktor is receiving midi from the Z2 and ignoring the Maschine, even though the Maschine is sending the same midi notes as the Z2. Kinda confused. Any help would be dope, I’m trying to figure this traktor thing out (I usually use Serato) , because I’d like to use it when I open for you and Qbert in Detroit on the 21st of June. Thanks!

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