2015 Wrap Up

Here’s everything I dropped in 2015.  Much to love everyone supporting this year!




Shiftee – Friday Fix – Dec. 18, 2015 by Djcity on Mixcloud

‘CLOUD CASTLE RADIO’ x ‘RAID SYSTEM’ Guest Mix #026: DJ Shiftee by Raidsystem on Mixcloud

Free Download // New Remix // Mishka Exclusive

Grab my remix of Xcuse ft. Ayarcana – Allright [Deepsession Records] over at the Mishka Bloglin.  Free download!

Here’s DJ Wonder dropping the track on RinseFM:


New Mixtape // GROWNSTEP

My new mixtape!

Cover Art By Jimmy Papers

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Download – Boundless NY Presents – DJ Shiftee GROWNSTEP

And read my full explanation of the mix here: Boundless NY Presents DJ Shiftee’s GROWNSTEP.

An excerpt: “The selections are meant to reflect Dubstep’s ongoing maturation and continuous expansion. This is a mix to which you don’t have to fight your grandmother.  I suggest playing her the mix over a bowl of Matzoh ball soup and a cup of hot cocoa…I hope you’ll find a pleasing smorgasbord of slightly adult music mixed with very adult issues. Love, death, retirement, erectile dysfunction, self-doubt, and self-appreciation: it’s all there.”

Freebies vs. Frisbies (2 Free Tunes)

Freebies are great, but not as great as frisbees.  What’s better than frisbees?  Freebie frisbees.  What’s better than freebie frisbees?  Nothing!  But as a consolation, here are two free tracks I just uploaded to my soundcloud page.

Be More Dub by Shiftee

Bwobble Blues (A Milli Remix) by Shiftee