E.A.S.Y. – Way Out Sample Pack OUT NOW!


Enferno & I dropped a sample pack for you to get your romantic bass on #abletonandchill.


“38 loops including drum patterns, synth lines, bass patterns, piano tickles (technical term), fx wooshes (another technical term) and more.

71 one shots including those signature E.A.S.Y. drums, fills, brass hits, bass booms, synth hits, and fxxx.”

Mostly Robot: First Glimpse + Live Sonar Video

I recently took part in one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences of my young life: I ate homemade Gazpacho in Spain (which I later discovered was spiked with vodka.  I consumed 8 bowls).  In second place (but duh obviously first place by far) was the full formation, development, and execution of Mostly Robot.

Mostly Robot is my new super boy band filled with men.  We are a man bad.  The members are Jamie Lidell, Mr. Jimmy, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, myself, & Pfadfinderei.  We recently made our debut at Sonar Barcelona.  I repeat, we recently made our debut at Sonar freaking Barcelona.

What went into this performance?  The full set was created from scratch in 6 days.  All the members of the group were in the same room for only 3 days.  It helped that these 3 days were in a catered villa (adult gazpacho ftw) in Sitges, Spain.  It also helped that we rehearsed in a squash court.

You are going to be seeing & hearing much more from Mostly Robot soon.  Our set, if I do say so myself, was really something special.  For now, homemade photos and videos are floating around the internet.  Here’s a little snippet of my solo routine, but the real glory is in the full on collaborations.  More to come, more to come!

YouTube Preview Image


Free Sticker Giveaway // UK Edition

Greetings from the EU.  I’ve decided to do several rounds of a FREE STICKER GIVEAWAY for those who want a SHIFTEE sticker in their lives.  Check out the 5 color choices below:

This first round is only for people living in the UK.  Don’t worry, rest of the world.  I’m coming at you shortly.  So, United Kingdom residents, here’s how to get me to send you a sticker.

  1. Go to http://facebook.com/djshiftee.  If you aren’t already a fan, click “Like.”
  2. Find the “Free Sticker Giveaway // UK Edition” post on my wall.
  3. Write a comment to this post stating which color sticker you would like.

First 20 people to do this will receive a Facebook message from hardworking Shiftee’s Palace interns (read: myself) coordinating details.  Act quickly!  Only the first 20 (UK) people will get a sticker!