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  1. Thank you for the maschine mapping, Shiftee. I am new to this side of the music controlers, i have good intuition with out the skill. With so many things to learn mapping maschine is a path i gave up on till i saw the link on NI web sight. I tried to wrap my head arround it but with your ground work i will slowly move from the s4 to the maschine .

  2. hey im aaron levin i am 12 years old. i was wondering if you could please teach me the basics of being a dj. my friends call me ballon hands because i always either pop of inhale balloons and you will most of the time see balloons in my hand either way i would like to know how to be a dj please send a response. thank you

  3. Hi Dj Shiftee, My name is Michael , I am 13 yrs old and I have such a drive and desire to learn how to be a DJ. I know you started learning and teaching your self at basically the same age as I am . I am currently working hard to save up enough money by doing chores for my parents and saving my allowance . I find you to be very talented person I can only hope one day that I can be like you . I know it takes years of practice and it is something you have to work hard at and love and it is something that you can not learn from a class, its all hands on learning . I write to you in hopes you will find the time to give me to either speak to you or write to you . I want to purchase equipment when I have the money to do so , but I want to make sure I am not just throwing my hard earned money away I want to buy the proper equipment that I can advance with and learn and grow with . I really hope this message reaches you and you can really understand more then anyone how I am so looking foward to begin Dj like your self . I live in Staten Island , NY. Michael

    • I just want to say that I super support you! You seem really driven and committed, and I hope you go far.
      I’d suggest that you save up for a midi controller and a software program like Traktor or Serato (free versions of both available.). I’d suggest looking up the Numark Mixtrack Pro.
      From one guy to another on a similar track, I wish you luck 😀

  4. Hello there ! 🙂 Keep telling the World who´s the best ever ! 😉

    I’m from Portugal ! Hope you remember this little country, and maybe come to visit.

    Well i´m going practice some scratch. Cya 🙂

  5. Hey I’m wanting to get traktor scratch but idk what needles cartilage to get that would be compatible for traktor. I am thinking about getting the American audio sl1200 mk5

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