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  1. Yo…I moved from BK to the Bay Area. Earth to Dave! (and DJ Shiftee)…the Bay Area needs to hear that Shiftee music! Not to mention…dubstep is BIG out here! 2011…time to make the dough and go nuts.



  2. You should think about hitting up AZ in October.. Saw you in Calgary and I’d love to catch your set in two countries within a few months of each other.. šŸ˜‰

  3. Great set at Pioneer event at DJ Expo! We look forward to seeing you again at A3C this year in Atlanta. If you’re flying in early I would love to do an artist spotlight for our blog. Cheers and safe travels!

  4. NOOOOO!!!! Are talking about Upstate Hastings, NY in Oswego County???
    I’m from White Plains & that’s duper far; what you need to do is come to WESTCHESTER, asap, prontooo!!!!!!!

    Now, how do i cop tickets for July 21, El ā€˜nā€™ Gee, New London (Connecticut)


  5. Hey,
    I heard that shiftee was coming to Toronto on July 25 and I was wondering what I have to do go see him.
    Any such help in this matter would be greatly appreciated


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  7. Hey Shift! Since you’ll already be on the east coast, you should come to DC for one of your TBA days in October or November! We’d love to have you!

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