6 thoughts on “Mixes

  1. U r an amazing dj. i have seen alot of your videos in youtube and im loving everything that u do. you have some great skill and u also have some amazing mixes. dont ever stop and u r inspiring me to do better in school and everything so i can get a set of turntables to start mixing and djing.

  2. i retired as a dj years ago but after watching ur dmc videos, my hands have started twitching again! i might just get back into da groove.

  3. Your BBC 1Xtra mix kind of takes my breath away and I get a little more than befuddled.
    Also, can you please post the times of when you have eaten a date (food, not person)
    There doesn’t seem to be any and I find it a little disconcerting :/

  4. any chance you have a recording from your last show at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge? Your set was unreal!! Thanks, man!

  5. You have inspired me to switch to Native Instruments so that I can diversify as I learn more tricks. Have to be my favorite DJ… easily. Your creativity is unparalleled.

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