NEW ROUTINE: Traktor S8 + Turntables – Who Wanna Play

Check out my latest routine with Native Instruments featuring: gold turntables, Traktor S8, a crazy shirt from DDUGOFF, alt-J, Lido, Fools Gold, Low Pros, Que, Doggtown Records, and of course, myself getting busy.

Healthgoth x THUMP Workout Mix

healthgoth mix artNew mix!  My buddies at Healthgoth asked me to make a workout fitness mix for their new THUMP series.  I made sure to pick tunes to help you get yo pump on!


A-Trak – Push (E.A.S.Y. Remix) + #LiveRemix Video

We back!  My E.A.S.Y. collabo w/ Enferno just dropped our remix and #LiveRemix of A-Trak’s Push.  We get extra silly in the video and extra dope in the audio:

YouTube Preview Image

The track is also charting well on Hype Machine!  Any <3 much appreciated!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.15.37 PM

“The Golden Years” // My DMC Tribute Video

Here it is: The Golden Years, my time-traveling journey through DMC history. This video is a tribute to all the incredible DJ Champions from DMC’s glorious past. I’ve spent countless hours over the years studying masters like Roc Raida, Q-bert, Craze, and A-Trak. My goal: to one day stand in their shoes.  Literally…

Directed/Produced by John Carluccio (,
Sponsored by Dubspot DJ/Production School

Shout out to the new 2010 DMC World Champion: DJ LigOne from France!



“If you ever wondered why a few human beings become DMC World Champions, it’s because the creative side of their brains work differently than everyone else’s. Shiftee’s brain remains in a class of it’s own as he invites his World Champion forefathers to join him on stage to share his 2009 set without one of them so much as leaving their home!

This is up there with David’s human spin as one of the most memorable events in DMC history.”
Tony Prince, DMC Founder

Craze, 1998/1999/2000 DMC World Champion

“Shiftee killed it, what an original idea. Brings back great memories. But also, the routine is ill! RIP Roc Raida.”
A-Trak, 1997 DMC World Champion

“I love originality, that’s why I love DJ Shiftee and this video.”
Q-Bert, 1992/1993/1994 DMC World Champion

“I haven’t been entertained like this in quite a while.  The styles, personalities, and energy are all there in great detail and accuracy!”
Cutmaster Swift, 1989 DMC World Champion

“A DMC World winning set as you have never seen one before! I laughed out loud, got goose bumps and smiled like a Cheshire cat throughout this INCREDIBLE video. “
Sally Mclintock, DMC World Events Manager

“WHOOOAAAA!!!! Shiftee just turned the game upside down again! This is truly a gift to the entire battle scene.”
DJ Solo, 2010 DMC USA Supremacy Champion

“John Carluccio is a genius and DJ Shiftee is one funny & brilliant DMC World Champion!”
Christie Z-Pabon, DMC USA/Tools of War

“Shiftee educates the YouTube generation on Turntablism while cementing his own legacy in superb fashion.”
DJ I-Dee, 2005 DMC USA Supremacy Champion

“It is a genius idea, but what’s dope about it is that Shiftee respects and loves his craft and this video proves it 100 percent!!!!!”
Boogie Blind, 2001 Vestax World Champion, X-Ecutioners

“The Golden Years” champion profile: A-TRAK

A-Trak is pretty much a household name at this point, and it all started with his rise as one of the best turntablists of all time. Easily one of my top 3 favorite battle DJs ever. Incredibly technical, incredibly innovative, and incredibly musical. His competition sets from 1999-2000 are truly some of the best battle routines made by man. Of course, however, the Canadian first captured international attention by taking the 1997 DMC World title at 15 years of age.

A Trak 1997 – DMC – Champions Vol.2 – winning set

Here are some of his routines from the subsequent years. Too many amazing joints to post them all!

A-Trak Showcase – 2001 DMC US Finals


“The Golden Years” premieres at the 2010 DMC World Championships on Monday, October 18th – KOKO, London.
Internet release: October 20th.

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand // official video

Whoa! This video is so ill that upon watching it, I immediately wrote this blog post. Crazy cameos, amazing live reinterpretations, and one of the best “capturing the magic of NYC” efforts in recent memory.  All in this smile-inducing 3-minute video for Duck Sauce’s smile-inducing song “Barbra Streisand.” My biased favorite moment involves the legend DJ Premier, but I won’t ruin the surprise if this is your first time watching it.

You’ll also note the flashback to 1997 A-Trak in the DMC World Championship, which he indeed won . . . at 15-years-old. Here’s the full set:

YouTube Preview Image