Drop Top Tutorial + Disrespect

Broke down my live version of Drop Top ft. Cakes Da Killa for The Vinyl Factory/FACT MAG

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Also just dropped a new song w/ Natlek ft. Sugur Shane called Disrespect:

E.A.S.Y. – Like That Video + West Coast Dates

Stream/Download: E.A.S.Y. – Like That

Upcoming E.A.S.Y. (Enferno + Shiftee) Shows:


We (E.A.S.Y.) linked with Beatport to drop a new routine and a whole bunch of other content.  Check it all out at sounds.beatport.com/easy and watch the video below:

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Footage Recap // DGAF Providence + Rocksteady Anniversary

Backlogged footage from some of my past gigs.  First up is Beat Juggling + High-Fiving at Next Hype’s DGAF in Providence, Rhode Island.  Then we take it back to the park for Rocksteady’s 34th Anniversary party.

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The Golden Years // Hot Chip Tutorial

Hopefully you’ve seen my love child of a video “DJ Shiftee: The Golden Years // Shiftee’s Excellent DMC Adventure.”  In addition to this time-traveling adventure through DMC history, I’ve released (via Dubspot) a knowledge-traveling brain adventure into the depths of my “Hot Chip” routine.  Check it out:

And here’s The Golden Years itself if you missed it the first time around: