New Interview w/ The Creators Project + E-Tripping

I recently did an interview with The Creators Project (Intel + Vice partnership).  Subjects of discussion included new technology, bikini models, my homie DJ Wordy, and Mount Rushmore.  Peep the full Q & A HERE.

One item of note that did not make it to press was a rather funny miscommunication.  During the interview, I mentioned the DJ skill of “beat juggling.”  However, the conversation was recorded, and somehow it sounded like I was saying “E-Tripping” on the tape rather than “beat juggling.”  As in, what does it take to win the DMC World Championship?  Well, “it takes skills in different areas . . . scratching [and] another area called E-Tripping.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!  E-Tripping!?  Did I just say to win DMC you have to be good at E-Tripping!?!?  Clearly a misunderstanding.  But, it got me thinking.  What if the technique known as “beat juggling” really was called “E-Tripping”?  Then we’d have the following perfectly normal sentences:

  • “Kids, today in class we are going to learn the art of E-Tripping.”
  • “Yooooo, my man’s E-Tripping is nice!”
  • “In order to become a great E-Tripper, the key is lots of practice in E-Tripping.”
  • “Yeah, she can scratch, but can she E-Trip?”
  • “I was E-Tripping too loudly, so my mom told me to quiet down.”
  • “That was the funkiest E-Tripping I’ve ever heard!”
  • “DJ Total Eclipse is a master of E-Tripping.”
  • “I’m going to stay into tonight and work on my Salt ‘N’ Pepa E-Trip.”
  • (At the super market): “See that woman in aisle 3 juggling beets.  She’s E-Tripping.”  (This last example is actually a proper usage of the word E-Tripping)
  • “He didn’t win the battle because he didn’t do enough E-Tripping.”
  • “My favorite part of DJing is E-Tripping.”

Which brings me to my final point.  Kids, don’t do drugs, stay in milk, drink your vegetables, and eat your school.