E.A.S.Y. – Pop Music // Free DL + Video via Slow Roast

EASY_Pop Music_Final ArtWe back, and we back, and we back, and we back.  New single + video “Pop Music” via the homie Craze’s Slow Roast Records.

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MISHKA presents Keep Watch Vol. XXIII – ME! // New Mix

When Mishka tapped me to be Vol. XXIII of their prestigious Keep Watch mix series, I tapped them back in an accepting manner because I’m a gentleman who believes in Hammurabi’s Code. Past artists in the series have included Major Lazer, Skream, Rusko, Crookers, 12th Planet, Congorock, Craze, Klever, and more, so I knew I couldn’t just twiddle my fingers on this one. I had to spend my time instead making a good mix.



Here’s my official statement on the end result: “”No crazy concept here (my sounds of the sea compilation will have to wait). I simply wanted to feature a bunch of tracks I’m feeling right now, and put them together in an interesting, scratch-happy way. Some of the tunes are old, some are recent, some are unreleased, some are so new Kanye don’t even know about ’em. One of them actually is Kanye. In any case, the listener will experience an eclectic array of mostly dubstep and grime. There will be twists, there will be turns, and of course, there will be scratching.”

Peep the full write up on the MISHKA BLOGLIN.

1.  Rebound X – Rhythm & Gash
2.  Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M.
3.  Skream & Cluekid – Sandsnake (Gothtrad Remix)
4.  Princess Nyah – Take Control (Wonder Remix)
5.  Udachi – Chemicals (feat. The Botz)
6.  Mr. Mitch – Skittles (Rx Remix w/ hints of Rx & Sonkin – Stop Being A Bitch = Stop Being A Skittle)
7.  Shiftee – Cowbell
8.  Hussle Club – Loose Tights (Flinch Remix)
9.  Kano – Get Wild (Redlight Remix feat. Aidonia & Wiley)
10.  Mike Lennon – Total Control (Bare Noize Remix)
11.  DJ Ayres – Got Me Gone (Bird Peterson Remix feat. GLC)
12.  Sleigh Bells – Kids
13.  Coki – Chief Dub
14.  Teddy – Ren & Stimpy
15.  Rude Kid – Electric VIP
16.  Jameson – Urban Hero
17.  Spooky – Spartan
18.  Silencer (Teddy) – Dirtbag VIP
19.  Usher – Lil’ Freak (feat. Nicki Minaj)
20.  Deftones – Have You Seen the Butcher (Digital Boy + Shark Remix)
21.  Kastle – You Know That I Know You Know
22.  Gucci Mane – Lemonade (Remix feat. Trey Songz, Fabolous, & Nicki Minaj)
23.  +Verb – Empty Hearted

Big shout outs to all the artists on this mix. And for the curious, I got my intro and outro dialogue from this:

“The Golden Years” // My DMC Tribute Video

Here it is: The Golden Years, my time-traveling journey through DMC history. This video is a tribute to all the incredible DJ Champions from DMC’s glorious past. I’ve spent countless hours over the years studying masters like Roc Raida, Q-bert, Craze, and A-Trak. My goal: to one day stand in their shoes.  Literally…

Directed/Produced by John Carluccio (http://cinqua.com, http://battlesounds.com)
Sponsored by Dubspot DJ/Production School

Shout out to the new 2010 DMC World Champion: DJ LigOne from France!



“If you ever wondered why a few human beings become DMC World Champions, it’s because the creative side of their brains work differently than everyone else’s. Shiftee’s brain remains in a class of it’s own as he invites his World Champion forefathers to join him on stage to share his 2009 set without one of them so much as leaving their home!

This is up there with David’s human spin as one of the most memorable events in DMC history.”
Tony Prince, DMC Founder

Craze, 1998/1999/2000 DMC World Champion

“Shiftee killed it, what an original idea. Brings back great memories. But also, the routine is ill! RIP Roc Raida.”
A-Trak, 1997 DMC World Champion

“I love originality, that’s why I love DJ Shiftee and this video.”
Q-Bert, 1992/1993/1994 DMC World Champion

“I haven’t been entertained like this in quite a while.  The styles, personalities, and energy are all there in great detail and accuracy!”
Cutmaster Swift, 1989 DMC World Champion

“A DMC World winning set as you have never seen one before! I laughed out loud, got goose bumps and smiled like a Cheshire cat throughout this INCREDIBLE video. “
Sally Mclintock, DMC World Events Manager

“WHOOOAAAA!!!! Shiftee just turned the game upside down again! This is truly a gift to the entire battle scene.”
DJ Solo, 2010 DMC USA Supremacy Champion

“John Carluccio is a genius and DJ Shiftee is one funny & brilliant DMC World Champion!”
Christie Z-Pabon, DMC USA/Tools of War

“Shiftee educates the YouTube generation on Turntablism while cementing his own legacy in superb fashion.”
DJ I-Dee, 2005 DMC USA Supremacy Champion

“It is a genius idea, but what’s dope about it is that Shiftee respects and loves his craft and this video proves it 100 percent!!!!!”
Boogie Blind, 2001 Vestax World Champion, X-Ecutioners

“The Golden Years” champion profile: CRAZE

The Michael Jordan of DMC. He won the DMC World Finals 3 years in a row: 1998-2000, and captured the team title in 2000 and 2001. The Miami native can do it all: scratch, juggle, be funky, be technical, do body tricks, emit confidence and attitude, diss, and have fun. Many people look at his 1998 DMC US set as his best work in DMC:

Craze – 1998 DMC US Finals

However, my favorite Craze DMC set these days is his 2000 Worlds set. It has a certain maturity and cohesiveness that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

DJ Craze (2000) – DMC – Champions Vol.2

Here he is beating folks down head to head style at the 1998 ITF World Finals:

And finally, check out what is probably my favorite DMC team set of all time:

Allies (Craze / A-Trak) (USA/Canada) (2000) – DMC World Team Champions 1999-2007


“The Golden Years” premieres at the 2010 DMC World Championships on Monday, October 18th – KOKO, London.
Internet release: October 20th.

New Traktor Videos – Turntable Tricknology

You may have seen the stunning Turntable Tricknology Traktor videos from Rafik and Craze.  You may have thought, “I hope I’m not the person chosen to follow those videos.”  You may have also thought, “I’m hungry, when’s lunch?” or “How come they can’t make pillows out of clouds?” or “Wow!  Andre Miller from the Portland Trailblazers really looks a lot like Adam Sandler.”  I don’t know.  I’m not you.

In any case, my videos are the next in the series, and they were just posted.  Here they are: 2 routines + a tutorial video + a contest.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Skratchworx contest link: http://www.skratchworx.com/news3/comments.php?id=1513