Footage Recap // DGAF Providence + Rocksteady Anniversary

Backlogged footage from some of my past gigs.  First up is Beat Juggling + High-Fiving at Next Hype’s DGAF in Providence, Rhode Island.  Then we take it back to the park for Rocksteady’s 34th Anniversary party.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

“The Golden Years” champion profile: THE ROCKSTEADY DJ’S (Q-BERT, MIXMASTER MIKE, APOLLO)

When I first got my turntables, I also bought the original DMC Champions tape. This tape had a bunch of the US and World Champs from pre-1995, and I studied it like a mad man. Probably my favorite set on the whole tape was this routine from the 1992 DMC World Champions out of the USA. So much innovation and style. This set would still take out nearly all modern day team routines. I give you The Rocksteady DJs: Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike, & Apollo.

The rest: ISP, Beastie Boys, Scratch Legend status, etc. is history.


“The Golden Years” premieres at the 2010 DMC World Championships on Monday, October 18th – KOKO, London.
Internet release: October 20th.