July 3-7: Hot Mom USA Dream Team Tour


This gon be crazy.  Shiftee + Spooky + Elijah + Doctor Jeep + Siyoung + Rx.


Support for Elijah vs. Shiftee: UK Meets USA

My latest mixtape project (above) has been getting some lovely feedback on the interwebs.  Here’s what people are saying:

  • “UK Meets USA shows that the power of grime stretches across borders, as these two master DJs pull sick tracks from grime past and present, slamming together massive on massive hits from artists like Royal-T, Skepta, Darq E Freaker, Starkey, and more to make 40 minutes of pure rowdy bliss.” – Mishka
  • “This is one of, if not the best mix I have heard all year. Absolutely essential listening right here.” – PotHolesInMyBlog.com
  • Mix Of The Day Aug. 22, 2012 – Resident Advisor
  • “40 minutes of expertly-mixed grime depravity.” – FACT Mag
  • “Here’s proof that it is possible to nurture the special relationship [between UK and US] and create something cool.” – Noisey, Music By Vice
  • “This UK meets USA mix is the stuff dreams are made of (probably wet-dreams to be honest…it’s that good!).” – DreamersRow.com
  • O Elijah e o Shiftee prepararam uma mixtape sensacional, juntando o que há de melhor nas suas respectivas cenas.  Esse encontro certamente vai ficar para a história e atesta o momento vigoroso no qual as cenas alternativas de Grime e Rap se encontram atualmente. – Tranquera.org
  • “This is one of the best mixes we’ve heard for a while.” – BNTL.CO.UK
  • “You’re silly if you’re not already listening to this.” – Dev79, Seclusiasis/Slit Jockey

For those too lazy to scroll up, here it is again + DOWNLOAD LINK. No excuses!

MOM002: Boligee – Sun Safety // OUT NOW!

Celebrate July 4th just like our fore fathers intended: with the new Boligee EP out today on Hot Mom USABUY THE RELEASE HERE.  And preview it below:

Support from Trigon, Rar Kelly, Siyoung, Doctor Jeep, Shiftee, El Carnicero, Obelisk, Rx, and more.

“This will surely get all up in the mind-butts of anyone who is within listening range! ”
– Siyoung (Seclusiasis)

“L.Ominosus” is sexier than Sally Hemings, draped in nothing but Old Glory, spoon feeding me a third helping of apple pie. With her fingers.”
– Rar Kelly

“Dope EP! L. Ominosus & Dream Time are the stand-out tracks for me.. Will def be supporting!”
– Trigon (Profound Audio)

“I was promised a free beer if I bought this EP.”
– Frank Culaffo, alcoholic from Shelbyville, Arkansas

“Boligee’s music got me pregnant. That SOB owes me alimony.”
– Jessica Smithers, hot mom USA confused about the science of conception

“Boligee not only speaks to my mind, he speaks to my butt.”
– Allison Wooster, butt psychic

Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 2 OUT NOW // FREE DL

Dev79 Presents: Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 2 just dropped for FREE DOWNLOAD right HERE.  Booty shaking remixes from myself & Rx, Dev79, Starkey, Siyoung, Manikan, and other Seclusiasis fam-a-lam.

Listen to 50 Cent – Candy Shop (Rx & Shiftee Remix) below and grab the full compilation right HERE.