Drop Top Tutorial + Disrespect

Broke down my live version of Drop Top ft. Cakes Da Killa for The Vinyl Factory/FACT MAG

YouTube Preview Image

Also just dropped a new song w/ Natlek ft. Sugur Shane called Disrespect:

Meet Lil Shiftee // Z2 Tutorial + Maschine Mapping Giveaway

Here’s a fresh Dubspot tutorial from myself & my good buddy Lil Shiftee.  Together we breakdown my Z2 Mercy routine for Native Instruments.

I’m also giving away my custom Maschine MKII Mapping used in the routine RIGHT HERE.

New Cluster Mag Mix + New Dubspot Tutorial

I’m hitting you in your ears and your brain, son!


Cluster Mag has just released a brand new mix from yours truly (“yours truly” is me, Shiftee, for those unfamiliar with the parlance of our times).  The mix “Crossed Signals” is easily my most laid back and least frantic effort to date.  Moreover, it’s all based around Hip Hop!

Grab the mix here:  Cluster Mix Series 008: DJ Shiftee

“Shiftee has built us a mix that privileges deep, thoughtful immersion over dancefloor hedonism, teasing us with flashes of turntablism throughout the 52-minute journey.” – Cluster Mag


Learn about the most nerdy concept I know in Traktor: LED Mapping & Modifiers:

YouTube Preview Image

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The Golden Years // Hot Chip Tutorial

Hopefully you’ve seen my love child of a video “DJ Shiftee: The Golden Years // Shiftee’s Excellent DMC Adventure.”  In addition to this time-traveling adventure through DMC history, I’ve released (via Dubspot) a knowledge-traveling brain adventure into the depths of my “Hot Chip” routine.  Check it out:

And here’s The Golden Years itself if you missed it the first time around: